Frequently Asked Questions

The SBI Media Workshop trains young Nigerian content creators on how to leverage mobile tech and current business opportunities in the media sector for self-empowerment.

Numbers from the National Bureau of Statistics and the UN show that unemployment in the country is extremely high. Besides, the global pandemic has resulted in staggering reduction in revenue for millions of Nigerian youths. Meanwhile, mobile phone penetration and date usage are very high.


Also, according to the United Nations, the creative economy is one of the world’s most rapidly growing sectors, contributing 3% of the global GDP. Noting that “creativity is the industry of tomorrow,” the UN, at its 74th General Assembly, declared 2021 the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development.


So, how can we help many youths become creators, employ themselves with the tools they already have in their hands, and contribute to international economy? As experienced professionals in the media, creative, and marketing communication sector, the SBI Media Workshop is the answer that perfectly matches our vision.

Young Nigerians between 18 and 35 years of age.

This is the N200,000 grant we offer to 10 of each workshop participants. At the end of the workshop, the 10 most viable creative ideas are presented with N200,000 each.

The SBI Media Workshop is funded 100 percent by SBI Media Group; Mr Rotimi Bankole, the CEO; and the company’s partners.

As a full service marketing communications group, it is our means of building next-generation talents who will lead the industry into providing top-class services and improve the Nigerian economy.

Let us say it is one of them. We have other ongoing programmes in various areas of life.

Young Nigerians from all over the country are invited to apply for a place in the periodic workshops. The only requirement they need to have is a clear idea of why we should select them. Once selected, they are admitted as participants into the free workshop.

We have selected from a list of the brightest and most successful content creators on the Web and social media to lead the sessions. The faculty for the second season will be announced in the third week of October.

“There is a tectonic shift in the marketing industry that evidently now favours the small creator. This advantage will get bigger with time. But to the uninitiated, it is easy to miss. I would like to provide the assistance to people that I didn’t have when I was starting out. I would like to help shorten the distance between eureka and profitability.”

We hope that those who graduate from the workshop will pay it forward; they will go on to empower others, through job creation and knowledge propagation.

SBI Media Workshops trains young media entrepreneurs to identify, explore, and benefit from the modern media market. The other academies primarily train people to be media planners and buyers.

SBI Media Workshops is expanding the market to create more channels of exposure for brands, while also empowering young people to build their own businesses.

While the SBI Media Workshop will continue to run independently of SBI Media Limited, it is designed to indeed become a legacy project of Mr Bankole’s.  

We intend to make this as big as we can. A time will come when the SBI Media Workshop will have continental and global reach.